You Hydrate. We Donate.

We are American Music Water. We keep musicians and fans hydrated so you can keep rockin'.

American Music Water is proudly helping to rebuild our nation's music education programs in public schools though donations made possible by sales of our water. One of our main focuses besides music education is helping professional musicians in critical times of need. Therefore we donate to organizations throughout the country that work to meet the needs of musicians.

You Hydrate. We Donate.


AMW, supports musicians learn how to be a part of it!

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You hydrate. We donate.

The American Music Water blog is dedicated to keeping you up to date on all the ways you can give back to the musicians you love.

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American Music Water Musician Spotlight: Leah Nobel

“You’d be surprised to know that I listen to a lot of R&B,” said Leah Nobel with a laugh. The award-winning singer/songwriter admits people are ...

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